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"Organizing every neighborhood is the only way to achieve our ideas" - Barack Obama.


The Flagler County Democratic Party needs your help!   

The Flagler DEC relies on the generosity of your donations to operate and  promote the election of party candidates.  By distributing current, useful information, we will continue to introduce Democratic policies and principles into our community. Your donations also go towards maintaining the Democratic Headquarters which serves as the central hub for training, small meetings and strategy sessions.  The Democratic office is fully run by volunteers and none of your money goes towards salaries. We do not receive money from the State or National parties. Therefore we need Your help.

  • Help Flagler County Democrats maintain a visual presence in Flagler County!
  • Please Help us assist local campaigns to elect Democratic candidates. 
  • Help make our community the BEST that it can be!
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Thank you in advance,
Dan Parham, Chair
Flagler County Democratic Party (DEC)