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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Do not wait until Election Day to find out you can not vote.

Greetings Fellow Democrats,

Hope you  are well and keeping up with the Political news.  This year 2012, should prove  interesting and unlike any other Political year you have ever experienced.  The Republican Candidates going at each other, frees the President,  to follow his initiatives and allows him to do what he has to for the Country and its citizens.   We can help show our  support of the President in the end by doing one simple thing
, Vote for President Obama!
Nothing more, nothing less 

 Also, make sure your credentials are in order, check with your local Board of Elections
before hand. (click link for Board of elect.)  http://www.flaglerelections.com/ 
If you voted by mail previously, voter laws passed in 2011 state, you must re register.  Check your status with the local Board of Elections.  Please do not wait  until the last minute!  

Vote early, Vote by mail

Choosing early voting, or voting by mail gives you time to find out whether your credentials are in order, time to correct any discrepancies, or challenges, to your registrations, or ability to vote, avoids long lines and makes sure your vote is cast. 

Please do not wait until Election Day to find out you can not vote because something was incorrect. 

Best Wishes,
Dan Parham
Flagler County Democratic Party (DEC)

Please!  Your help is needed to maintain our local Democratic office,  assist in electing Democratic candidates and getting the word out to everyone. 
Did you know, donations made at the National or State level do not trickle down to us.  We depend solely on You.  Please donate by mail, PO Box 350928, Palm Coast, Florida, 32135,  or at our website address below.  Any amount is welcome and as always we appreciate your generosity.

Did you also know  we are all volunteers?  Please consider donating some of your time!

Visit us on Facebook:  www.facebook.com/flaglercountydemocraticparty

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