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Monday, November 21, 2011

Woman for Obama Campaign with Debbie Wasserman Schultz

November 17th marked the launch of the Women for Obama Campaign.  The meeting was held at the Hollingsworth Gallery in Palm Coast, for Democratic Women who are interested in volunteering, helping voters, and  re-electing President Barack Obama here in Flagler County. Over twenty-three Flagler county women attended.  

The Highlight of the meeting was joining several other Florida Democratic Party meetings for a statewide conference call. The speaker for the  Conference Call was Congresswoman and Democratic National Committee Chair - Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Congresswoman Schultz's discussion proved to be inspirational, enlightening and motivational.   She spoke of many issues that affect woman such as: a Women's Rights to Choose, Health Care, Breast Awareness, Well Woman Visits, Insurance Denials, Economic Issues, Childcare, the Lilly Lead Better Act, Education, College Student's Tuition's, the American Jobs Acts, Tax Cuts, Teacher's - Impact and Unemployment.  Her main focus was to address Women's Issues, restore Women's Rights,  make America fair for the Middle Class and most important Get the Vote Out to re-elect President Barack Obama. 

"Thank you Congresswoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz!"   

Women who desire to participate in the future with this on going endeavor can contact the Flagler County Democratic Party, (DEC) at flaglercntydem@gmail.com or call (386) 283-4904 and leave a message of your desire to join the Women for Obama Campaign.  Thank you.

This event was hosted by Connie Parham, Secretary of the Flagler County Democratic Party, DEC
With the support and help of Flagler County DEC members: 
Dan Parham- Chair - Flagler County Democratic Party, DEC
Melba McCarthy - State Committeewoman, Treasurer, Super Volunteer
Hildegarde Benedict - Super Volunteer
Courtney Chaplin - President - Democratic Women's Club of Flagler County, Super Volunteer
Mamie Godfrey - Editor of Newsletter, Super Volunteer
Dr. Jeanne Lea - English literator, Super Volunteer
Andrea Levy - Office Officiate, Super Volunteer
Pat Young - Ways and Means Co-Ordinate, Super Volunteer

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